You know the statue “the Thinker” by August Rodin? Imagine sitting like that, in your attic, or something, and believing that you can understand the whole world in/with/through your mental thinking processes.


(I kind of did think that at one point.)


But that simply can’t be the case, right? The body must … mean something. Do something. Be important. ‘Somatic philosophy’. What is that? Is it anything? Is it even sayable, I mean, what with language and the gap it creates between the word and what it denotes? Ehum.


(Or: Is all philosophy somatic?)


In this podcast series, I’m engaging deeply in dialogues about the body and philosophy – bodily wisdom-seeking, the body as a path to wisdom – and, in a Socratic manner, following where the questions leads. I don’t plan much – which I otherwise often do. I don’t set a structure. I’m not trying to prove my way towards an already formulated conclusion … It’s an exploration. A cultivation of intuition and presence. The episodes are part of this too. I don’t know how many there’ll be or who I’ll make them with. It feels fabulous.


Philosophical practice: Lived and alive love of wisdom.


Here’s a conversation with Merlin Györy, coach and mentor at Gifted Creative Coaching, and Skyping with me from Germany.



“The way I experience what life is,” says Merlin, “is through any kind of connection. Somatically, we can’t stay fixed in time, and nothing can be a perfect repetition. Any engagement that I do is a communication; an exercise of my connection to life.”



Part 1:


Part 2:

Vignette jingle by Gregory Hovnanian Weber


I’m thinking about something I read at some point – students in a school that started every maths class by drumming rhythmically on their desks, all together, for five minutes. Can we ever learn without soma?

Philosophy is what we need.



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