Ever really wanted to come to our Socratic Panels at Göteborgs Litterturhus, but just couldn’t make it that day?


Here’s the recording from our 8 May event.


Life. Examined.’s sixteenth Socratic Panel at Göteborgs Litteraturhus was recorded and subsequently turned into part IX of Filoprax’ podcast series on Somatic Philosophy …


What is Somatic Philosophy? Welcome to a Socratic Panel dialogue in fluent Swenglish.



The Life. Examined. panel – Joshua Bronson, Matthew Nowachek, our newest collaborator Christoffer Lindgren and I – had the great pleasure of sharing the stage with the brilliant Rasmus Ribbegårdh, reg. psychologist.



Part 1:


Part 2:

Vignette jingle by Gregory Hovnanian Weber


“There is no ‘body.’ There is only ‘body-and-mind.’”




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