The Journal of Humanities Therapy asked six philosophical practitioners from around the world to contribute to a book symposium on Lydia Amir’s Rethinking Philosophers’ Responsibility. And I was one of them! Read my contribution here: JHT_vanderValk,Miriam_NowGoPractice.

Find the other reviews and Amir’s response here.

The Journal of Humanities Therapy is an English-language journal from the Humanities Institute, Kangwon National University, Korea. Main editor is Young E. Rhee. Here’s an excerpt from the Editor’s Note:

This issue of Journal of Humanities Therapy contains a book symposium on Lydia Amir’s book, Rethinking Philosophers’ Responsibility (Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2017), which consists of six review papers and author’s answer to them. The book symposium is the first ambitious attempt of this journal in order to promote a more profound understanding of the ideas on philosophical practice suggested by contemporary scholars.

And one from the Author Information:

Miriam van der Valk has studied philosophy at the University of Auckland, New Zealand and the University of Amsterdam, the Netherlands, as well as with the American Philosophical Practitioners’ Association (APPA) in New York, USA. Based in Gothenburg, Sweden, she hosts public events, moderates panel talks, organizes courses and workshops, writes, lectures and coaches through her philosophical practice, Filoprax.

Philosophy is what we need.