Suspension of Disbelief:
Exploring Hawkins’ Scale of Consciousness


Miriam van der Valk, philosophical coach at Filoprax speaks with Jay Manya, coordinator at InterGifted, artist and musician.


Jingle by Gregory Hovnanian Weber


Hawkins developed his Map of the Scale of Consciousness in Power vs. Force (1995). Since then, it has been widely used and adapted – a Google images search gives a number of different versions to examine. Seventeen levels of consciousness and corresponding numbers, ranging from 20 to 1,000. Joy is higher than Love, and 200 is the number in the middle. Interesting, huh? What could all this mean?


This conversation is a philosophical exploration of a system of thought. It’s an hour’s worth of dialogue doodling… And that’s all. We suspended our disbelief on the hallway coat hooks and invited Hawkins’ Map of the Scale of Consciousness for a chat in the bulging window-sill (virtually). We wanted to listen politely and patiently, giving the benefit of the doubt, aiming for clarity of vision and steering clear of distortions.


Spiritual bypassing disclaimer: Sometimes, one might come across spiritual ideas that enable abuse and shame the victim. Suspension of disbelief is something quite different, and we’d like to make that explicit here. Lovingly, we hope to inspire and engage. Happy listening, dear listener. 🙂



Hawkins, David R. (2006) Transcending the Levels of Consciousness: The Stairway to Enlightenment. Hay House UK, Ltd.

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