I’m thinking about something David Hawkins wrote – that we go from perfection to perfection. We may think that we move from imperfection to perfection, ever striving to better ourselves but, really, an old trash can with rust and holes is a perfect, old trash can with rust and holes, when we see that it is in constant emergence.


So … Beginner at the gym: Perfect.




Here’s the fourth episode of this podcast series on Somatic Philosophy – whatever that might be. Here, I’m talking to Pilates instructor Alica Ondrejková. We’re recording our conversation just after her Thursday evening class.


Vignette jingle by Gregory Hovnanian Weber


A straight back, I tell myself at the bus stop – a back as straight as a one year old’s – is a back that doesn’t hurt.


Philosophy is what we need.


Are you somewhere on the path
from perfection to perfection and
would like to
talk about that with a philosophical coach?

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